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If you want your brand to be recognized for creative and innovative marketing strategies, then let us help you develop an influencer marketing program. 

Don’t worry if you’re new to influencer marketing, we are happy to be your guide. We have a team of experienced professionals and access to a diverse talent pool waiting to be discovered. We also have a history of success in similar marketing programs and can share our learnings and knowledge with you.


Here’s what’s included with our influencer marketing services

End-to-End Campaign Management | Influencer Management | Talent Casting |  Strategy 

End-to-End Campaign Management

We will manage your influencer campaign from start to finish, saving your internal team time and stress. Here’s how we’ll help:

Ideation - We’ll bring you unique campaign concepts tailored for your brand
Strategy - We’ll outline the campaign strategy, including tactics, targeting, and messaging
Talent Casting - We’ll help find the perfect match for your brand
Campaign Execution - We’ll manage the printing, shipping, and inventory management
Project Management - We’ll ensure everyone’s in the know, all of the time
Influencer Management - We’ll keep them on top of things, including budget, timelines and post creation
Results -
We’ll track and manage results, providing a detailed report when your campaign is complete

Influencer Management


We will connect your chosen influencer with key media contacts and other brands, to secure collaborations and coverage. We have many partnerships across industries including award-winning brands, Fortune 500 companies, major film studios, and top global agencies. Making sure your brand will not go unnoticed is our ultimate goal.

Talent Casting


Discovering talent is not everyone’s skill – it takes the right eye to uncover the perfect brand match. With our specialised tactics in casting management, we’ll find the right influencers, content creators, and talent, the perfect combination of your brand’s values and our campaign goals.


If you’re looking for multicultural and diverse personalities, then look no further. We specialise in finding a wide pool of talent because we want your brand to build strong connections with all of your target audience.


Our strategies are created based on market research and years of experience. The challenge is to bring you results, and we can be relied upon to help you determine the best path toward achievement.

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