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Kiss My Face Partners With Beagle Freedom Project To Help Save More Animals!

Kiss My Face is excited to officially announce their partnership with Beagle Freedom Project!

Kiss My Face has been #CrueltyFree since day one and has never had their products tested on animals of any sort. (They love our furry friends!)

Beagle Freedom Project rescues beagles and other animals from testing laboratories, so the cruelty free brand couldn’t be more excited to announce their Partnership in Compassion!

How can you help? - Share and raise awareness of Beagle Freedom Project' s Cruelty Cutter app. While you’re shopping, scan bar codes of items to identify products that are and are not cruelty free. - Donate to Beagle Freedom Project to help with the costs of their rescue efforts and save the lives of hundreds of animals every year from laboratories all over the world. - Adopt a beagle! - Become a foster home for a beagle! Visit bfp.org to learn more about the above information. Help Kiss My Face and Beagle Freedom Project continue to spread #crueltyfree love and save our animal friends!