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This is how things get done for you

1. Fill Out A Questionaire

Hi there! Thank you for you interest in working with us. We would love for you to fill out the questionnaire locatetd here so that Josalyn, (our founder), can learn more about your brand, services you're intereseted in, and how she can help your brand achieve its goals (a.k.a. shine bright)! 

2. You'll Receive A Service Guide Via Email

We will send you a guide via email that outlines the entire process for the service that you're interested in, what your brand will receive, pricing, and how your brand will benefit from the service. We'll then schedule a phone chat with you to answer any questions that you may have. This step is also where we decide if we want to move forward with each other. (Hope we do!) 

3. Create A Plan

We create a customized plan of action that addresses your specific goals and needs. 

4. Put The Plan Into Action

Time to get this plan going! We’ll also have weekly email updates and bi-weekly phone meetings with you to keep you or your team up to date. 

5. Review

Once your specific project or campaign is completed, we'll review over it together. This is also when you can decide if you would like to extend our time of working together!

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The Process
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